Stove and Fireplace Glass

Fireplace door manufacturers most often use tempered glass in their products because it is inexpensive to produce in quantity. Under normal conditions it is adequate, though care must be taken not to exceed its temperature limits and a spark screen should always be used due to its propensity to fall out of its frame when broken. It is indistinguishable from ordinary annealed glass and offers the best aesthetics. Tempered glass must be manufactured to size because it cannot be cut or drilled.

Borosilicates like Pyrex can be cut to order in-shop but are not as strong as tempered glass. Rolled Pyrex is clear but has a surface texture that may be objectionable. (Polished Pyrex has no texture but is very expensive.)

Neoceram is the perfect replacement glass for stoves and fireplaces. Wood or gas fires can burn at 700° F and higher. Ordinary tempered glass and borosilicates can fail, sometimes catastrophically, at temperatures as low as 400° F. With a high thermal shock resistance and near zero expansion coeffecient, Neoceram can handle any fire. Also, unlike factory-ordered tempered glass that cannot be cut, we can cut new glass for your doors right from stock. Neoceram has a slight amber tint.



Tempered glass

Rolled Pyrex

Heat resistance






1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2

1/8, 1/4


In stock

Must be manufactured (cannot be cut)

In stock


Slight amber tint

Clear, bronze, gray

Clear with slight surface texture

Breaking characteristics

Cracks–usually remains in frame

Breaks into very small pieces–may fall out of frame

Cracks–usually remains in frame



3 to 6 times more impact resistance



Relatively expensive

Relatively inexpensive

Moderately expensive


Will not break due to heat.

Care required to avoid overheating. Spontaneous breakage possible.

Care required to avoid overheating.

*Thermal shock resistance of 1472° (800° C) and reliable continous use
up to 1292° (700° C)
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High-efficiency wood stoves

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